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Fruit Chaats in 3 Different Ways

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Today i'm here with healthy snacking idea.How many of  you have your fruits in this way?It's a great way to include fruits in your diet while breaking fast.This kind of fruit chaats are must here in my place.Sometimes i totally skip appetizers and stick onto this fruit chaats.Realy it makes a big difference,we feel light and relaxed after breaking fast.Till date all my recipes where pre ramadan trials.hehe!I only make snack on demand of kashif.

First time i had this fruit chaat was from my friend Sana long years back and since then its a must here.Thanks Sana for this lovely recipe.It's still Rizwan's favorite.This is how it is made.In this any sour and sweet fruit works.Whatever fruits u have dump in.Then dress it.

1st Recipe
  • Apple
  • Kiwi
  • Orange
  • Pineapple 
  • Whatever fruits in handy
For dressing
  • Lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • some sugar
Chop all the fruits finely and put it in a alarge bowl.
Now sprinkle salt,pepper and sugar followed by lemon juice.
Mix and chill.
Then sevre

Over to the Second Recipe

This is my favorite.My in law's special.Just mix fruits you have in hand.Here i like to use sweet fruits,some dry fruits and nuts.

  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Mango(gives nice flavor to the liquid)
  4. Pomegranate
  5. Whatever fruits u like
  6. Nuts and dry fruits
For dressing
  • Orange Juice
  • Sugar or a drizzle of honey
Chop all the fruits and dry fruits finely.Mix it with orange juice and sugar.Chill and serve.
These will be great option for the hot summer days too.

Before i started making this if i cut and keep one apple it will be finished hardly.But now no leftover fruits on my table.If there is any leftover that will be over by suhoor.

Try it out guys it's super yum!
Other one is mostly on dessert side so i wouldlove to make a different post for that.Here is the link 

Link to this Creamy Custard


  1. Very true. Even here we have fruits in salad or chaat form. Just cuts, only I end up eating. And it is a big kid that stays with me, lol. Btw, I think you missed adding the link to the last one.

    1. OOps thank you for letting me know!Ya fruits will vanish by serving this way!


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