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Pocket Shawarma!

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Shawarmas are favorite for all!

Hope you all remember my grilled chicken shawarma!Here I used the same recipe.Only need is a small pita breads.Cut it from the center you will 2 pockets to fill spread the chilly mayo then fill veggies and chicken.The yummy pocket shawarma is ready!Instead of chilly mayo spread can also use Garlic Paste.

Here is the recipe link:Shawarma.

You can fill any of your favourite fillings here!Serve you shawarmas in unique way and Enjoy!!!!


  1. Delicious, tasty, superb, amazing, beautiful, unbelievable... I just got water in my mouth after seeing your recipe, i just say thanks to you it is fantastic recipe.order desserts online in delhi

  2. Thankuuu so.much hope u will like it!

  3. Thankuuu so.much hope u will like it!


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