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Choco Vanilla Cake Shots

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Yummy!!Mix of vanilla,cheese and chocolate with layers of  chocolate and vanilla cakes and some pie filling and caramelized nuts.Sounds interesting right?

It yummy too!


Chocolate sponge cake
Vanilla sponge Cake
3 cubes cream cheese (3tblspn if your are using spread)
1 cup whipping cream
1/2 cup icing sugar
1 tspn vanilla essance
1 can fresh cream
250gm cooking chocolate
3 tblspn nutella
Strwaberry pie filling


1.Melt the chocolate first using double boil method and keep it aside also add nutella in this.

2.Whip the cream using an electic blender

3.In another bowl beat together cream cheese, fresh cream ,icing sugar,vanilla essance and fold in half of the whipped cream add sugar if u feel like need more.

4.Slowly fold in rest of the whipped cream in melted chocolate  mix  nutella(Chocolate Mousse).

5.Caramelize some nuts


1st layer- Chocolate cake cut and and keep it as base(i used cup cakes because i am serving in shot glasses)

2nd layer- whipped cream mix

3rd layer -strawbery filling

4th layer-Chocolate mousse

5th layer- caramelized nuts

5th layer-vanilla cake then whipped cream and  caramelized nuts.

Wonderful layered dessert ready now!!Chill and serve.

If u want you can skip vanilla cake and replace it with Chocolate cake.


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